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Welcome from the President

We welcome you to All Nations Bible Seminary (ANBS). The seminary is a significant part of the multi-ministry makeup of Christ Centered Homes, Inc (CCH). Our other ministries include: Christ Centered Missions, Christ Centered Medical, Christ Centered Prayer, Christ Centered Champions™, Champions Christian Academy and Globally, CCH has been serving the Lord and touching lives since 1993. Over the last two decades, God has used our varied ministry activities to gloriously change thousands for His glory and honor. To date, we have supported hundreds of full time missionaries who have been key to church planting, discipleship, meeting humanitarian needs, etc. God has assigned the seminary to be our educational ministry tool. Our assignment is to provide Scriptural instruction that is practical for equipping the called to fulfill their God-given assignment. We agree with the statement “knowledge is information, but wisdom is what you do with that information”. This means that our goal is to impart practical information to our students while teaching them to be God-seekers so that He may impart His revelation and wisdom into their lives. Additionally, our assignment is to fill the unmet need of providing a seminary education to those who have no resources to contribute. There are plenty of other successful Christ-Centered seminaries and we support and applaud them. But, our assignment was to create a local and distance learning seminary available to those who have no ability to contribute financially. Through obedience and love for our Lord, and with a cheerful heart, we offer this seminary so you can become better prepared to fulfill the calling in your life and reach the world for Him.

Dr. Mark D. Hill

About the Seminary

ANBS is a coeducational undergraduate and graduate level seminary. Since we are a religious institution, we have not sought to be accredited by any secular accrediting agencies. ANBS utilizes volunteer professors who have exhibited high standards of educational excellence. Each were chosen as specialists in their own fields. Most have developed courses through their own personalized study. In addition, courses were chosen from outside the seminary’s volunteers that were found to be reputable. All courses are categorized according to its subject material and assigned the appropriate seminary level of learning. We strive to improve the quality of education for all our students. Staff, students, professors, and other interested parties are invited to make suggestions for such improvement. In addition, ANBS periodically requests that an independent review committee comprised of ministers and other educators provide feedback aimed toward improving the seminary. The ANBS headquarters is located in Atlanta Texas near the Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana borders. The seminary opened Thanksgiving Day 2011 and is for students from all nations.

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